• Powerful Campaign for Social Justice – Members become part of the largest, most diverse coalition in the region that mobilizes members around the issues that are most important to them. 


  • Regional Power – PVP is part of a regional network of religious and labor coalitions that builds the grassroots capacity to impact legislative and economic issues. 


  • Allies – PVP provides a forum to communicate the needs and priorities of your members and to find allies.  Through PVP, member organizations build relationships across economic, racial, neighborhood and faith lines that build long-term understanding and support in the community. 


  • Leadership Development – Local and regional leadership institutes help develop organizing skills and develop new leadership within member organizations and in the broader community.


  • Organizing Staff – PVP organizers work with member organizations to develop leadership, focus issues, organize research, facilitate communication with other member organizations and contribute to the strengths of each organization.  Organizers also work with individuals to develop their potential to be effective in the ways they want to grow their leadership. 


  • Visibility and Public Support – Member organizations grow their visibility in the region for their concern and active participation in the wider community.  This contributes to public support for their issues and often brings new membership into congregations and other organizations. 


  • Broader Social Justice Movement – PVP is part of a national movement towards religious and labor collaboration for social justice that has the potential to rebuild the democratic institutions in this country.  Membership provides direct participation in and support for this movement.

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